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Mikayel Melkumyan

At Melkumyan Seismic Technologies, we take seismic safety to new heights. Founded by the esteemed Dr. Mikayel Melkumyan, a world-renowned expert in seismic engineering, our company is dedicated to creating earthquake-resistant structures that stand strong even in the face of the most powerful seismic forces.

With an impressive academic background and years of hands-on experience, Dr. Mikayel Melkumyan leads the charge in seismic research and innovation. His vision and expertise have shaped our company's commitment to excellence and seismic resilience.

Our team at Melkumyan Seismic Technologies is passionate about creating safer built environments in seismically active areas. We offer a diverse range of services, from designing earthquake-resilient buildings to retrofitting existing structures. We specialize in base isolation and roof isolation techniques, utilizing cutting-edge technologies like circular rubber bearings for seismic isolation.

What sets us apart from the rest is our unwavering focus on quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. Every project we undertake is backed by Dr. Mikayel Melkumyan's expert guidance, ensuring that our solutions are innovative, efficient, and tailored to your specific needs.

Worldwide Recognition

As a leader in seismic engineering, Dr. Mikayel Melkumyan has earned international recognition for his contributions to the field. He serves on the editorial boards of prestigious research journals and has published over 252 scientific papers. His work has been implemented in various regions worldwide, making a significant impact on seismic safety.

At Melkumyan Seismic Technologies, we are proud of our legacy and the trust we have earned from our clients. Our mission is to provide unmatched seismic solutions that fortify structures against earthquakes, protecting lives and properties.

Join us in building a safer and more resilient world. Contact us at Melkumyan Seismic Technologies, where expertise meets innovation.​

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