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Exclusive Services

At Melkumyan Seismic Technologies, we offer a diverse range of services, from seismic risk assessment and vulnerability reduction of existing structures to the creation and testing of new technologies for increasing seismic resistance. Additionally, we conduct design of various low- or multi-story buildings and structures and supervise construction works to ensure optimum earthquake resistance. Explore our comprehensive suite of services and find out how we can assist in your seismic isolation needs.

Seismic Risk Assessment:

Our expert team at Melkumyan Seismic Technologies conducts thorough seismic risk assessments of existing and proposed buildings and infrastructure. We employ state-of-the-art analytical techniques and models to estimate the potential impact of seismic activity, helping you understand and mitigate seismic risk effectively.


Vulnerability Reduction:

We specialize in reducing the vulnerability of existing buildings and structures to seismic events. Through our sophisticated evaluation methods and retrofitting techniques, we enhance the seismic resistance of your structures, thus ensuring their safety and longevity in earthquake-prone regions.


Innovative Seismic Technology Development and Testing:

At Melkumyan Seismic Technologies, we constantly strive to advance the field of seismic engineering. Our team of scientists and engineers create and test new technologies for increasing seismic resistance. This includes the development of cutting-edge seismic (base and roof) isolation systems and rigorous testing of Seismic Isolation Laminated Rubber-Steel Bearings (SILRSBs).


Design, Construction Supervision and Consultancy:

Beyond designing and testing seismic technologies, we also provide supervision and consultancy services during the construction phase. Whether it's the construction of a low-rise or a multi-story building, our experts ensure that the best practices for earthquake-resistant construction are followed. This service aims to not only ensure the safety of your structures but also optimize the construction process for better project outcomes.


Cost Reduction

Seismic isolation strategies, crafted by Prof. Melkumyan, not only offer superior reliability but also lead to a significant decrease in construction expenses. The cost-saving in construction of new, medium to high-rise buildings, using the base isolation technology is  approximately 40 percent. When retrofitting existing structures by base isolation the cost is reduced to a range of 3 to 5 times in comparison with the cost for strengthening by conventional methods.

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